Northfield Pipeline Awareness

The NED pipeline has been “suspended” due to inadequate subscribed capacity. This means that it is essentially cancelled, though the FERC application has not yet been withdrawn. We expect a more firm cancellation on May 26. Meanwhile, we remain vigilant, particularly regarding state and national energy policy that could “change the game” for Kinder Morgan. 

See for additional information.


Kinder Morgan announced plans to build a high-pressure pipeline through our town in February of 2014. They filed a change to their preferred route on December 8.  The pipeline now crosses the entire town and includes a 41,000 horsepower compressor station in Northfield.

Northfield Pipeline Awareness is a group of Northfield residents who heard about the proposed project and became concerned for a many reasons, such as:

  1. Gas pipelines and a compressor station are large industrial structures that do not belong in Northfield.
  2. Building the pipeline would have an economic impact upon Northfield citizens. This includes tax income to the town, residents’ property value decrease, and the price of electric.
  3.  There are many health and safety hazards associated with gas pipelines and compressors.
  4. This project would have a negative impact on Northfield’s environment.
  5. Do we need the gas? 
  6. The bigger picture: adding new, long-lasting fossil fuel infrastructure as we face climate change is a step in the wrong direction.

Please follow the links to see the specifics behind each reason.

3 Responses to Northfield Pipeline Awareness

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you for doing this!


  2. Ara Lynn says:

    Somebody please contact me regarding the compressor station. We are having a compressor station in New Ipswich, NH, too, and I’m devastated that one is scheduled for Northfield as well, because I have a cherished connection with Northfield.


  3. Laurel Facey says:

    Hattie has an update on the Gulf Road action that needs to be added to this site.
    (Indoors after today – at town hall – and none on Thanksgiving Day)


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